Sunday, September 20, 2009

thesarus day: vag⋅a⋅bond

n. a person who wanders at will or as a habit "a park full of vagabonds sleeping on benches"

synonyms: bindle stiff, bum, canter, clochard, derelict, drifter, floater, gangrel, hobo, piker, roadster, runagate, shack, street arab, sundowner, swagger, swagman, tramp, tamper, traveler, vagrant, Weary Willy

related words: raomer, rover, wanderer, boomer, misgrant, ranabout, staggler, stray transient; bohemian, gypsy, picaro, beggar, rogue

idiom: knight of the road

oh my goodness, the richness of this word has made me fall in love with it. i chose this word because of a new college student who is from LA that is living at our house for a month and a half that came today. she is not a vagabond, but she is a traveler. 

p.s. i love airports. and my favorite synonyms are underlined.

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